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Carburetor troubleshooting

The following is a chart of potential mower carburetor problems.


         .  erratic idol  
          you could have a vacuum leak
          try partially restricting air
          flow to carburetor if idle
          smooths out look for
          damaged intake gaskets
      . hard to start after engine is             at  operating temperature     

you could have a valve adjustment issue check owners manual for correct settings 

a vacuum leak could have the same affect, do a visual check of all gaskets intake ect.


  • Engine will not start
  • Engine hunts (at idle or high speed)
If your sure you have fuel
check for fuel delivery some small engines have fuel pumps that can fail.

  • engine runs but has black exhaust

Check for bent choke and throttle plates

check for intake obstruction such as dirty air filter.

     . you have fuel but your mower            will not start  

Adjust control cable or linage, to assure full choke and carburetor control also you could have a stuck needle and seat  in the float bowl this may not be something you want to tackle with out some knowledge of carburetors.

    . general poor performance

start with the most simple solutions first such as old fuel or  it may be time for a tune up or a  clogged air filter ect. keep it simple .