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Hi, I would  like to thank you for your interest in my site. I will  do my best to answer questions on these topics.

  1. Riding lawn mower repair.
  2. Common riding mower problems.
  3. Also push mower maintenance and repair.
  4. Two stroke engine troubleshooting, trimmers, hedge trimmers etc.
  5. As this site grows I will go into specifics on chain saws and leaf blowers, in other words, all out door yard maintenance equipment. 

  As you will hopefully notice my passion is all manner of lawn care equipment, theirs nothing quite like having a yard you can be proud of and having the ability to repair the outdoor equipment that makes the job fun!

 Pictured above is my first go-kart that I made. It started out as a pedal car and now it has a 1962 three horse Briggs small engine on it. I had to re-wire the points and coil it had for a while but then it began to lose compression. Finally, it would not start anymore. So I bought a new small engine (a 6hp Tecumseh), and it still runs to this day.

Pictured here is my homemade moped in progress. It has a 33cc craftsman weed eater small engine on it. But it is far from a test drive.

This is a great picture of my 7hp riding mower. The original motor broke so I put the 7 hp on there.


Pictured above is my favorite riding mower.  It is a 1960 Mowett Mustang 8.  It mows great and runs like a champ! 

Don't forget to come visit my blog http://hubpages.com/hub/-small-engin-advisecom and leave me a comment or question about your small engine.  I'll see ya soon!